My muse… ON the go for MY first crusade!




Okay, what aRe My mUses? Every day life is one of my muses! As a journaler I use my experiences, feelings, doubts in my journal pages.



Another muse (muse sounds very romantic, this one is not romantic…) of mine is the internet! I mean, how would I know al these great artists without internet?? Learn new techniques, be able to buy materials in Holland, but also in the States and Australia?? Find beautifull pictures, artist’s magazines…. If I my inspiration is low, I go on the net! And of course, what would i be without the yahoo groups i join??

ANd now a muse you expect when you here the word MUSE. For me Leonarde da Vinci is a real inspirator. In August I made an altered book on Leonardo, on the first page, calling one of his drawings litteraly MUSE!


sc00d4910d.jpg Here is another exhibit of Leonardo being my muse….

And then some more contemporary inspirators! Michelle, you definitly are! On your weblog I read about cool books, great techniques and find beautifull art. Mary Todd Beam is another inspirator, she learned me to use several gel medium to create new surfaces for my art work and…. she pointed me to use stamps in my artwork. ThNx. And then there is Lynne Perella. Reading her book Artists journals & sketchbooks I found out there is something called “journals”. Never knew that what I liked, had a real name and was something others did too! Last I want to honour here are Linda Wood and Karen Dinino for making journaling within reach for everybody!


Okay, maybe two last muse: not persons, but companies: I admire Ranger for making such a great new products all the time! And off course Stampington for making great magazines like Somerset Studio and nice projects on their site.



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  1. Hedwig – congrat on your new blog! Glad to have you jump right in on the Crusades. Thanks for sharing your Muses with the team. As we are all connected here via the Internet you are very clever to call that a Muse. We would all add that to our lists! Thanks for the kind words, and for sharing your journal pages. Bravo to you for already knowing how to add links in your blog entry!

  2. Hi Hedwig! This is my first Crusade too and I already can’t wait to find out what the next one is!

    I think you do nice work in your journals…thank you for sharing them with us!

  3. Hi, Hedwig,
    Great thoughts on journaling. And I totally agree that the internet is definitely a great Muse. I used to wait each month for magazines to reach the news stands – now I can hop on the internet everyday and be A-Mused!


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