Loosing someone hurts…



One of my friends lost her mom. They had just found out she was ill, and next thing she is dead. Although their relationship was not easy, she misses her mom terribly. I made a card (right side of page) for her, that I scanned and used as starter for this page. I randomly selected a little text, guess what? I choose “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Cannot be coincedental as my friend felt so sorry not asking her: do you love me? Jose, OFF COURSE she did. The clock is there to remind you that you never know what time it is. And the butterfly is for our spirit, that will not pas away, but goes to heaven to our beloved creator.


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  1. Lieve Hedwig, wat is dat toch gaaf, zoals jij de dingen verwerkt in je journal! Prachtig, zowel de uitleg als de uitvoering.
    Lieve groeten, @nneke

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