Background challenge



I participate in a Dutch Mixed Media group (mixed media diva’s) and Elly, one of the group’s moderators, organizes challenges. These photo’s are in an upload quality for personal use. Okay, how did I make them? Started with paper (acrlylic, you can also use have aquarel paper) and gessoed it. You do not see it on the pictures, but that gives a nice texture. Then blue acrylic paint diluted with glazing medium, and made several layers. Then, on the one with the circles: i did this with stencils (guess: clubscrap). Wrote text with blue neo color classic II. Finished the piece with little red accents (again neo color II).


The second one starts the same: paper, gesso, blue acrylic paint, glazing medium and building layers. Stamped the border of harlequin squares and made a print with a brass stenci: put a little white paint or gesso on it and use it as a stamp. With white gesso I stamped a few scratches and on top 3 red bullets.


You can use the red / white stripes in combination with both backgrounds. Or one of these below:




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  1. Hoi,

    Erg origineel gedaan, hoor! Ik dacht dat de bolletjes met van dat bubbeltjesplastiek gedaan waren en vond het al heeeeeeeeeeeel erg gelukt omdat het zo regelmatig is! Moet een leuk stencil zijn ๐Ÿ™‚

    Vele groetjes,

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