Okay. It has been long, too LONG since I wrote on this blog. Holidays and clearing my art and craft materials kept me from writing first. At new years eve we discovered a leak in the kitchen… We had to take out the floor, had new plumbing, bought a new floor, assurance etc etc. This week we discovered a new leak… Luckily the new floor is not installed yet ;-))


I started this year making a 8×8 inch 2007 scrapbook. Not the usual stuff I make, but (to me) very rewarding, seeing what we all did and achieved. And to memorize, because it is All going soo FAST!


I arranged the scrapbookby theme. This is Ziggy’s page. He is our 9 month old cat, and we are all fond of him. He likes to lay in my arms like a baby….


This page is about my grandma, she is now 91 years old, and her health is fragile. But: STILL going strong. My mother told me today she fell yesterday. And was found 3 hours later. She did not wear her alarm (with that she could have beeped somebody)…

I do this scrapping by the way hybrid (never knew how it was called, read this on the internet). It means that you scrap partly on your computer and partly FOR real. Mmm, hope you understand.

Now, something that is more common for me: a mixed media card I made for friends who celebrated their 12,5 year wedding. I painted and stamped with acrylic paint, the heart i filled with gelmedium and when it was dry, bronzed it. Stippeled with a stencil and ink and coloured with metallic pencil (the scan doesn’t show the metallic shine that gives ;-(


OKAY, i have started the year 2008 on my blog, FINALLY. I promise the next one won’t take that long!!


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  1. hope your grandmother is doing ok!

    love your beautiful scrapbook pages~ very inspiring…I wish I created more pages~

    thanks for the note! & also hope your leaks have ceased !!

    xo~ Bella

  2. Ha Hedwig,
    Leuk om je creaties te bekijken. Wat ben je toch ontzettend creatief en veelzijdig.
    We komen binnenkort weer een keer bij jullie langs want het is al schandalig lang geleden dat we elkaar gezien hebben.
    Groeten, Corstina

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