Today I gave a workshop for two friends and someone I met via my website and wanted to take a class in acrylic. Four women of different backgrounds, different age, different style. But we found each other as person and in painting. GREAT!

I was so enthousiastic that I forgot to take pictures, but I made a journalpage from it.

And for Janny, @nneke and Ingrid: you may choose the butterfly you like most and be her! (unfortunatly the scan doesnot eat the colours quite well… ;-(




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  1. Dear Hedwig, the workshop was great (and the pep-talking as well). I enjoy my painting this day more than yesterday…. it was almost dark when I came home. But today > the sunshine on the beautiful colours, wonderful. I want to be the pink butterfly, flying out of sight (LOL)
    Blessings, @nn@

  2. Ik ben zeker dat het leuk was! Deze pagina is ook weer mooi geworden, hoor! En ja, ‘t zijn weer de kleuren die mij zo aanspreken, jij kiest altijd perfecte combinaties 🙂

  3. Het was heerlijk om te doen en die kleuren tja pff!Ze glimmen mij hier tegemoet. En ik had gisteren duidelijk wat met blauw, dus die blauwe vlinder;o) Heel erg bedankt nogmaals!

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