Travel and journal, Pandora’s box



This is this month Crusade from Michelle Ward. Ooh my, really wanted to join december and january, but found no time at all ;-( (some reasons were good, because it was busy running my own bussines, some reasons were less pretty, since we had a majore leak in the kitchen and had to renew floors).

But HEE now I am here! Let’s see what I have?

I lend this from my daughter Denise (if you look carefully you can see she wrote her name on it). I admit: I have a problem in choosing. So this is for short trips (to the pool with Denise for her swimming lessons f.i.). I have a big bag when I go on holiday and I put a lot in it (even a paper cutter, which I really have a lot of fun of). Here you see me ‘working’ on the plane.


This is the big bag, it is a Kipling and has many pockets, very handy (but do not put gesso in it, during the flight. Because of the pressure differences it will leak out. Really, I know this from experience ;-))


Okay, what do I take with me???


There is so much in it (TOLD YOU I HAVE A PROBLEM CHOOSING)

Whats in IT? I have stamp (few), scissors, bone folder, pens, watercolor crayons, a brass letter stencil, a small journal, some inks (distress ink) water brush, tags & labels, small brayer, metalic pencils and (I forgot that today to the pool) some paper towel to wipe of hands and stamps.


It is funny to journal everywhere. People are very curious to what you’re doing, but don’t dare asking. But it is not a secret, I doodle and write and scribble a little.


Michelle, thank you for the new encouraging Crusade! It is fun to read about what people use and take with them. (I am a very curious person!!!)


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  1. Hedwig – glad to see you jump in on this Crusade. That photo of you journaling on the plane is priceless!! THAT is the best Evidence of a kit being used!! Thanks for showing us your art travel case and tote, and pages! I have never brought paint in my carry-on but I have had many pens explode on the plane. Now I have some that are sold as just-for-flying pens, and aren’t supposed to leak. I’ll find out soon. Thanks again Hedwig.

  2. I’m glad I found your blog! I don’t know why I had such a hard time, but probably needed coffee.
    How cool that you joined this crusade! I love the photos! I’m half Dutch so that’s probably why I love them so much.

    (now I’ve had too much coffee, obviously)

    I love the textures of the page, and that little blue ringed journal is yummy looking. I love little journals. You can pile much more in them than you would think, and then you can carry them around or leave them by the bed if you have dreams and want to jot them. GREAT post.

  3. Thanks for sharing your traveling journal kit! I love the look of the lady sitting across from you on the airplane! Does she think you’re crazy or does she wish she’d thought of bringing an art kit? 🙂

    Have a great hair day! Becci

  4. Hi Hedwig! Love the suitcase idea…I have seen them around and I now will look closer to see if I can find one that will “suit” my needs!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. that’s a cute case! I’ve never tried to journal on a plane other than straight up writing. I like to crossword on plane trips, though. I guess they restrict things more than they used to, a friend said that they took away her 5 year old’s plastic kiddie scissors! So you have to precut everything I guess. That’s great that you got a photo of yourself journaling! I never think of things like that at the time.

  6. It is so hard to choose what to take, but your little case looks just right. I love your daughter’s name on it! My daughter has had such a hard time writing that I think I’ve kept everything she’d written her name on. It makes your case so precious!

  7. I love that you have a photo of you on the plane! they let you take a cutter on the plane!?! Good to know about the Gesso, I just started using it again and will be going on a plane in the next month. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love seeing the kit in operation on the plane. This is my “dream” of our upcoming transatlantic flight. Me with the at kit, the small restless boy with a screen and headphones! It obviously works!

  9. Thank you for the glimpse of what I look like during every plane flight, and every swimming lesson for that matter. I am sometimes so shy about it…but you have shown me that it really does not appear odd! You look like an artist, how appropriate! Now if only I could get over my shyness of drawing or taking photos of people around me.

  10. It is so good to read and see that you actually used your kit on the plane. I went overseas last year with a kit for a month and I only used it once! I like the colours on your journal page. Ux

  11. Taking the time to surf around a last time to the team to look at what I missed. Your bag is cute and I like the photo of you on the plane – what a treassure for you to save! When surfing around I’ve really been wondering how it looks when people journal on the go – at work for example!

    so thanks for sharing. next up: march!!! 🙂

  12. Hi, What a cool journaling kit. You have everything in that little box! Amazing what you can fit in it…even a stapler.

    I ‘echo’ what everyone else said about the picture on the plane. It really is a treat to see people journaling and getting others intrigued as well. Actually, I think it is what got me started. I saw someone writing and sketching at a coffee shop and I hadda do it too! :o) I didn’t think I had much to say at that time…. but here I am 23 journals later……………..

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