Travel kit – no. 2



I made a travel kit for Michelle’s crusade of february. And it inspired me to make new journal pages in my travel journal. Also because my travel journal is smaller then my regular, and well… because of this crusade off course!!! I visited the other participants weblogs or flickr pages and WOW i can recommend that… You will get tons of ideas for journal kits and for journaling.

I just have to admit that journaling for me is not a way to work on ideas for other art, like paintings. I just journal to keep record at a very personal way. It enables me to relive moments of the past. Most joyfull times, sometimes sad or hard times. Okay, enough, here are the three pages I made this week.

Okay, this one is about favourite stuff in my travel kit. Unfortunatly I spilled a lot of glue on the left page. THAT IS OFF THE LIST NOW!! (and I put the stamp upside down, you see Michelle I practice my Photoshop skills too ;-))


Because I want to journal tonight, no Photoshop on this one and the next (Edited: my sister called, so no journaling for tonight). This one I made in the swimming pool: On the road. (Off my own couch this time, the others were made at my own desk ;-))


Sun was shining, it felt like spring and I was inspired by Hannah and Audrey to use more vivid colors then I usually do. So I made this journal page. Did I tell you already i love stamps and peerless watercolors while On the road?


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  1. check you out! love seeing all these journal pages – so vibrant and real. my fave is the last one with the water colors – makes me want to get some for MY kit. this is turning out to be a crusade that has me adding to my wishlist of supplies 🙂
    thanks for sharing your work hedwig, and your shout out to the other teamers who have inspired you.

  2. I need to doodle more. I love your pages and of course I love the vibrant fun colors :o) I will have to check back to see more of your pages.

    p.s. And you are so kind to mention me.

  3. I’m very inspired right back, especially by the last spread. It’s beautiful and just breaths of wonderful spring. I long for spring to come too, but here it’s a while until it comes! 🙂

    take care!

  4. Hedwig – I love your pages. I may have to post some of mine soon as you have inspired me. Normally, I keep those all to myself. – Nicki

  5. Wow, your pages are (to trot out an overused compliment) inspiring. I really mean that. I love the way you use text and pen lines and color…it looks raw and yet still well-composed, free and polished all at once. Gotta go get out my journal!

  6. I have so enjoyed seeing what journaling means to each individual and the tools that contribute to its expression. It’s so cool to see what everyone does with their tools of the trade. Thanks for sharing — and the reminder that spring will spring! — JeriAnn

  7. Ha ha your comment on my blog made me laugh! Thanks for that… needed it this morning! Love your journal pages… I’ll be back to see you soon…

  8. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog.
    You’ve already made journal pages, too quickly!

    Your pages are very beautiful.
    Did you make journal pages in swimming pool?
    It must be nice and exciting thing!

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