Evidence using my box


If this crusade from Michelle Ward is meant to boost journaling: SHE SUCCEEDED! At least in my case. But first this: a name was added to Pandora’s box of mine:


My daugther’s name was already on it, now is Tim Holtz’s name! I saw him demoing here in Holland, and asked his signature!

Okay, now my pages. I am such a weird person that journals everywhere. Okay, true: i start a page, and mostly finish it at home (because however filled my box how is, it always seems to lack a little something ;-)) I do not mind people staring or being curious (the most curious person is me, so what!). Funny: people do not often ASK what you are doing. Children do, I always like to make a little conversation with them. Most of them like a certain form of arts/crafting.

Am I strange? Off course I am flattered when people like what I am doing, but if they do not it’s okay too. (Funny: i took an art class in the States, but made one painting too big for my suitcase. So i wrapped it in clear plastic and took it under my arm in the plane. Lot of people came to ask and see what it was. I was quite pleased with the results. One woman said to me: An art class? How interesting… You could see on her face that she could not believe I took a transatlantic flight to make that painting LOL).





Well, that was it for now!! I am working on a project which is related to how i started journaling, when it is finished i will show it here.


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  1. Hedwig – thanks for sharing these pages with the crusaders. How wonderful to see the variety of ways an artist can express herself from the subtle to the bold, from busy to simple. And an autographed case too! I’ve never journaled in public but used to carve stamps while sitting with the kids at the neighborhood pool – was fun to have curious visitors….I would stamp right onto their arms and legs. Tattooed for a day πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Hedwig, what a cool case! Mine is rescued from a clearing out of the design department, when I worked at Lego. But I never thought to get a signature on it – Darn!
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog!

  3. Oh, how fun you are! I like what you’ve shared about your journaling habits. I also did my page in two stages, writing in it after I got home. I look forward to painting and surfacing future pages, and sometimes the words are harder to come by right away… It’s so cool that you carried your work on the plane. I think the more people SEE art being done, the less mystery it will have and the more normal people will feel about letting their own creativity free! A great idea. I take a little bag of materials to work every day with me, and sometimes I can work at lunch, and sometimes I just take the bag back home un-opened, but for some reason, it makes me feel like I have my good friend with me when my art kit it there.

    Thanks for sharing more of your process! I wish I knew how to say best wishes in Dutch!

  4. Hi Hedwig, really beautiful pages in your journal! And I totally understand what you are saying about journaling in public… people look, but try not to be too interested… sad, really… imagine what fun they might have if they asked you what you are doing!!! πŸ˜€

  5. loved seeing your pages. so much color and fun. I really need to start adding photos to mine too. it is so amazing how different everyone is and how different pages each person comes up with. i have gotten over my uptightness about getting on a plane just to take a class. now i see myself jetting off anywhere i please to take a class!!! i take my kit to work and if i get a quiet moment i sneak something in my journal.

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