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Texture and transfer



For TMTA this weeks project is Texture. I LOVE texture in my art work. This ATC is done with semi gloss gel medium from Golden. I just smudged it around, and this is what came out. Painted with a little golden fluid acrylics (quinacridone gold & Paynes grey). The lady is a transfer (made with the same gel medium). Beads and stamps finish the ATC, a long with a little gold pen.

Dymphie made a post on transfering, because she saw Claudine Helmut’s tutorial on transfers. Okay, had to try it AGAIN, because it never seemed to work for me (transfering).

It was EASY!! You know what?!?! You have to WAIT till it’s dry (and use photocopy/laserprinted image). SO WAIT!! As a very impatient person I peeled of too QUICK.


It can be that SIMPLE….

I transfered this bird with golden semi gloss gel medium. Used my hand carved stamps, some other stamps and some buttons. Ooh the small heart was transferred to a little piece of cotton. I never really understood the fuz about making a transfer. But besides from a semitranparent image, it is seemless on the art work. My first arch actually, and it came out nice!





Okay, maybe you’d better NOT read this. Preventing yourself from a serious and SOMETIMES DANGEROUS addiction. Many have been infected yet, you can see the list here . So stop NOW if you still can.

You are still here? Don’t tell me you weren’t warned!! This is all about Michelles crusade CUT IT OUT. Make your own, home made stamps. Could not stop myself. So here are a few (!!!) of the stamps i carved (really: ALL would be boaring!).


I saw this kind of heart on a show lately. Loved it… And now i carved one of my own. Also some more background stripes. You can not have TOO MANY of them. Used it in a journal page.


More stripes here in a journal page about my daugthers being bored.


The last journal page has NO home made stamps. It’s about how many things are on my list… Which reminds me! Have to go now!

Stampin’ with home made stamps



It is indeed addictive to carve your own stamps. And seeing all the other crusaders’ stamps… wow, a lot of inspiration on making MORE!

But after carving them, it is also GREAT to PLAY with the new stamps.


The left page i was playing with the squares and I had to make some harlequins in it. The other page was made with my home made fishes (gets another dimension, don’t you think??) egs and crow and more… Mmm. Was not really happy with it. The left page was to dark and the right page to dull… Because i wanted to stamp some more harlequin squares on the right page I made a mask from the egg. In black and white. WOW looked so NOT dull. So i repeated that for all the eggs and the fishes too (behind the fishes you can see the original colour).

Tried the same thing for the harlequin ladies, but that was too much. So i tore a few pieces from it and coloured it with pencils. Yep, better.

On Ali Edwards blog I read a while ago such a smart quote. She said: off course i make mistakes too, but i know better how to cover up my mistakes! OH YES girl, sometimes you need to work for the results!


Made a stamp of a cupcake too. ThanX Michelle for telling about carving stamps with an exacto knife and HOW to do that. MAKES LIFE (AND CARVING) SOOO much EASIER!

And the stipples in the background i made it with a stencil. Well, actually it was an advertisement of expensive beds and they made wholes in the page to show how oxygen breathing the matras is. Very well usuable as STENCIL…


On this birdy ATC i used a home made shadow stamp for the eggs (if you recognize them as eggs…). Okay, enough for today… Those roses on Michelle’s crusade page look TEMPTING (and within reach for my carving skills and impatient character, HAHA) so i am off…. CARVING…

Make it your own stamps



This is Michelles cool new Crusade: make your own stamps! I really am amazed how she finds every month such refreshing & inspiring themes. I did cut myself some in the past, and I use them often. I also make them of wine corks and eraser gums (here in Europe the cutting materials are not widely available…).



The bird stamp and one of the star stamps are VERY PARTLY made by me: they are foam stickers for children, but very handy as stamps.




If I want a form to be correct, I print it out and cover the form with a lead pencil. And then press it unto your cutting surface. You see the reversed trace then.


This is how it turned out!! Made a crow too.



It is no coincidence you see an egg here. Dymphie cut one out and … I fell in LOVE… HAd to cut that out too (the word LOVE, see Julie Prichards blog for another LOVE word)… But I really had nooo idea of owls being already cut out, but visiting Julie Molinas blog she made an incredibele funny owl. So that must have been in the air from AUSTRALIA to the Netherlands! ThanX Michelle, for reminding me of making my own stamps!

Truth or DARE…


On my latest post I got many likewise reactions: how do I dare journaling everywhere? Why don’t you??? Here a few suggestions to make it easier for you.

Step 1: do you have the wish to journal anywhere? If YES go to step 2. If not: there is NO obligation to journal in public ;-)) It must be your own desire off course!

Step 2: If you want to journal in public, an important treshold can be that you do not feel comfortable making art in front of the whole world. What I see is that most people are not interested in what YOU DO. They are busy doing their own thing. Then you have a group that is curious what you are doing, but afraid to ask. (Kind of funny actually). The smallest group is curious and willing to ask. BUT: I never heard something UN-nice. Not because what i make is so beautifull (okay, it helps!! LOL) But because they are nice and polite (and sometimes because they admit they can not even draw a dog when playing pictionary). Does this help to consider journaling in public? The only ones with a lot of questions are children. I like to talk with them about making art and crafting. The ones I spoke think it is cool to create something.

Step 3: start with something small that you dare doing in public. Maybe coloring something, or just writing something. You will then notice that the rest of the world near you is not gasping and stopping all activities to see what you are doing nor will critcize you.

Step 4: maybe you will be more obviously creating and journaling by taking some tools or stamps.

Maybe after reading this, you will have the guts to journal in public. But if you don’t: nevermind. There are a lot of things in life i absolutely DO NOT have the GUTS to do: going in a rollercoaster, catching a big SPIDER (YAK!!), seeing a horror movie, diving from a 5 meter diving board….

Okay, now two pages I made recently.


It’s about how I felt in a situation with my daughter: I wanted to feel (AND STAY) calm but was ANGRy instead… Journaling is behind the read tree (made a cutout).


I like to be at home. In Holland we say you are like a ‘huismus’ when you are like that. That’s what this page is about.