Truth or DARE…


On my latest post I got many likewise reactions: how do I dare journaling everywhere? Why don’t you??? Here a few suggestions to make it easier for you.

Step 1: do you have the wish to journal anywhere? If YES go to step 2. If not: there is NO obligation to journal in public ;-)) It must be your own desire off course!

Step 2: If you want to journal in public, an important treshold can be that you do not feel comfortable making art in front of the whole world. What I see is that most people are not interested in what YOU DO. They are busy doing their own thing. Then you have a group that is curious what you are doing, but afraid to ask. (Kind of funny actually). The smallest group is curious and willing to ask. BUT: I never heard something UN-nice. Not because what i make is so beautifull (okay, it helps!! LOL) But because they are nice and polite (and sometimes because they admit they can not even draw a dog when playing pictionary). Does this help to consider journaling in public? The only ones with a lot of questions are children. I like to talk with them about making art and crafting. The ones I spoke think it is cool to create something.

Step 3: start with something small that you dare doing in public. Maybe coloring something, or just writing something. You will then notice that the rest of the world near you is not gasping and stopping all activities to see what you are doing nor will critcize you.

Step 4: maybe you will be more obviously creating and journaling by taking some tools or stamps.

Maybe after reading this, you will have the guts to journal in public. But if you don’t: nevermind. There are a lot of things in life i absolutely DO NOT have the GUTS to do: going in a rollercoaster, catching a big SPIDER (YAK!!), seeing a horror movie, diving from a 5 meter diving board….

Okay, now two pages I made recently.


It’s about how I felt in a situation with my daughter: I wanted to feel (AND STAY) calm but was ANGRy instead… Journaling is behind the read tree (made a cutout).


I like to be at home. In Holland we say you are like a ‘huismus’ when you are like that. That’s what this page is about.


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  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Welcome. Yes! I can not wait to start stuffing my new journal bag and will be doing that over the weekend.

    I am so with you on this idea of journaling in public. I have taken my journal with me in coffee shops and doctors waiting rooms… from time to time a restaurant (if I am alone). I do a lot in the car while waiting for the children to come out of school. I purposely allow myself 1/2 to work on my journal in the car. 🙂 So nice to see your projects! And I love your pink journal kit.

  2. Wat een leuke uitleg! En ondanks in het Engels kon ik goed volgen! Vroeger, als ik nog op de middelbare school zat, heb ik nog buiten zitten tekenen (alleen). Het was precies zoals je schrijft. Echt wel grappig is dat. Alleen durf ik het meestal niet zo goed, omdat ik eigenlijk niet ‘goed’ kan tekenen, ik wil daarmee zeggen dat het meestal niet juist is. Maar ik vind het wel leuk. Ik kan ook begrijpen dat je je kwaad voelde op je dochter, maar dat je eigenlijk kalm wilde blijven. Had ik gisteren ook. En was mijn man dan nog eens kwaad ook, omdat ik op haar kwaad was (voor een belachelijke reden in feite)…

  3. You know I have taken my journal with me when I know I will have time to write down my entries/thoughts about my son and I always figured others around me weren’t interested in what I was doing so I never wondered what they would think. You are right……….they are too busy doing their own thing, just like I am doing my own.

    Love the ‘calm’ and ‘angry’ pages. Beautiful representation. When I think of trees I always get a peaceful feeling but I love how you changed the feel of the tree by using the color red.

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