Make it your own stamps



This is Michelles cool new Crusade: make your own stamps! I really am amazed how she finds every month such refreshing & inspiring themes. I did cut myself some in the past, and I use them often. I also make them of wine corks and eraser gums (here in Europe the cutting materials are not widely available…).



The bird stamp and one of the star stamps are VERY PARTLY made by me: they are foam stickers for children, but very handy as stamps.




If I want a form to be correct, I print it out and cover the form with a lead pencil. And then press it unto your cutting surface. You see the reversed trace then.


This is how it turned out!! Made a crow too.



It is no coincidence you see an egg here. Dymphie cut one out and … I fell in LOVE… HAd to cut that out too (the word LOVE, see Julie Prichards blog for another LOVE word)… But I really had nooo idea of owls being already cut out, but visiting Julie Molinas blog she made an incredibele funny owl. So that must have been in the air from AUSTRALIA to the Netherlands! ThanX Michelle, for reminding me of making my own stamps!


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  1. Check you out girl! All these great stamps AND you’re using them on pages. You KNOW that makes me so happy!! My afvorite thing is that messy scrap paper on your work table. Save some of that juicy stuff to put in your journal. Evidence of an artist at work! Thanks for sharing these carings with the Street Team – and for reminding us to use corks!! How does one say “how cool is that” in your language???

  2. I really like your blog and just love all your stamps! It’s great that you show how you used them on journal pages! And thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

  3. I love the effects you made using your stamps! This really inspires me to carve some during my weekend jaunt. I have room in my case for some foam stamps and some knives.

    I’ll take a tournaquet on the road with me, too.

    Thanks for the photos!

  4. so fun that you showed us your workspace! Love to see how people go through the process. Informative and inspiring, too! Neat to see how you took the ideas that others had and made them yours… that’s what this stuff is all about, really! I’m sure they are flattered that you were inspired by them… I would be. Great how things like this grow and take shape!

  5. Fabulous stamps! I think I love the stamps themselves as much as the impressions – all those great cut marks and the areas where the ink is left on the stamp – great texture!

  6. I love your paint splattered worktable! Makes me feel at home…

    Oh, and the stamps are fabulous! I like the idea of the border patterns. That’s something I definitely want to try!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you for linking to me!

    I just found your blog…all of your stamps look great! I have a feeling that this is like journal pages too…I like everyone else’s more than mine! πŸ™‚ I love your crow…very sinister looking! He is up to something…

  8. Leuk hoor , jouw zelfgemaakte stempels ;o)
    Ik heb ook eens zo’n blokjes en streepjes stempel gemaakt en heb daar alleen maar op kaarten meegewerkt .
    Ik wil ook graag eens een journaal maken , ben er weg van !!!
    Groetjes Rini

  9. Oh I love the checkerboard stamp… what a great addition to a journal page. You’ve been quite busy – love the bird and the eggs too! They are all great!

  10. Your post is SUPER! I really enjoyed seeing things around your project too! I agree it is more fun to actually use stamps I made of my own images…I’m hooked on yet another craft! πŸ™‚

    Have a great hair day! (try using a smoothing or de-frizzing cream or gel on your bad hair days… can you get any “Aquage” products? Their Illuminating Gelade is super.) Becci

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