Stampin’ with home made stamps



It is indeed addictive to carve your own stamps. And seeing all the other crusaders’ stamps… wow, a lot of inspiration on making MORE!

But after carving them, it is also GREAT to PLAY with the new stamps.


The left page i was playing with the squares and I had to make some harlequins in it. The other page was made with my home made fishes (gets another dimension, don’t you think??) egs and crow and more… Mmm. Was not really happy with it. The left page was to dark and the right page to dull… Because i wanted to stamp some more harlequin squares on the right page I made a mask from the egg. In black and white. WOW looked so NOT dull. So i repeated that for all the eggs and the fishes too (behind the fishes you can see the original colour).

Tried the same thing for the harlequin ladies, but that was too much. So i tore a few pieces from it and coloured it with pencils. Yep, better.

On Ali Edwards blog I read a while ago such a smart quote. She said: off course i make mistakes too, but i know better how to cover up my mistakes! OH YES girl, sometimes you need to work for the results!


Made a stamp of a cupcake too. ThanX Michelle for telling about carving stamps with an exacto knife and HOW to do that. MAKES LIFE (AND CARVING) SOOO much EASIER!

And the stipples in the background i made it with a stencil. Well, actually it was an advertisement of expensive beds and they made wholes in the page to show how oxygen breathing the matras is. Very well usuable as STENCIL…


On this birdy ATC i used a home made shadow stamp for the eggs (if you recognize them as eggs…). Okay, enough for today… Those roses on Michelle’s crusade page look TEMPTING (and within reach for my carving skills and impatient character, HAHA) so i am off…. CARVING…


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  1. Hedwig – your enthusiasm is infectious. You are having so much fun with these images! Thanks for showing us you pages – and telling us how yuo working through them. The best learning experiences come from trying to resolve something rather than tearing it out – so bravo!

  2. Hedwig…….I so enjoy seeing what you create and reading what your write. You have such a great outlook and enthusiasm about yourself. Great journal pages…love the last one with the bird.

    p.s. i updated my blog to explain what michelle meant by her comment. have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing your pages! We all have those pieces that don’t quite work for us, but you kept on pushing it until you had a design that looks great!

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