Okay, maybe you’d better NOT read this. Preventing yourself from a serious and SOMETIMES DANGEROUS addiction. Many have been infected yet, you can see the list here . So stop NOW if you still can.

You are still here? Don’t tell me you weren’t warned!! This is all about Michelles crusade CUT IT OUT. Make your own, home made stamps. Could not stop myself. So here are a few (!!!) of the stamps i carved (really: ALL would be boaring!).


I saw this kind of heart on a show lately. Loved it… And now i carved one of my own. Also some more background stripes. You can not have TOO MANY of them. Used it in a journal page.


More stripes here in a journal page about my daugthers being bored.


The last journal page has NO home made stamps. It’s about how many things are on my list… Which reminds me! Have to go now!


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  1. I’m grinning ear to ear that you are having so much fun carving your stamps AND using them. I’m also digging your photoshop messages and arrows and borders. Thanks Hedwig for keeping the spirit going. Blowing kisses.

  2. Your warning had me laughing out loud. It’s SO true! And the naive quality of the stamps is absolutely delightful. Your background stamps are such a good idea and look great on your pages. And the heart is so charming and unique. It has a sort of stained glass appeal about it. Very cool!

  3. Hi Hedwig !
    You are definitely addicted ! In such a good way ! I want to make some stripe stamps to ! I love those background stamps as well and they will be fun to fill in with written journal parts. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments !

  4. I am so addicted to this crusade, and every time I see a new post I want to go make MORE stamps. I just love your heart and, oooh, stripes – I hadn’t thought of stripes!

  5. Hi Hedwig! LOVE the heart stamp you carved, and I never would’ve thought of making a stamp with lines on it, but what a great idea! They both stamped up so beautifully… and I agree… carving custom rubber stamps can easily become a totally consuming passion! Thank you for the very kind comments on my site, I appreciate it!

  6. Woww geweldig zo’n journal , staat bij mij ook nog steeds op het lijstje en die is ook veels te lang 😉
    Wat gaaf ook die zelfgemaakte stempels !!

  7. jaja..
    ook ik ben verslaafd…
    Heb wel geen zin om af te kicken…
    heb te weinig slaap, maar het geeft toch een goed gevoel als je na het kerven, een mooie afdruk hebt van je zelfgemaakte stempels…( ook al is het dan middernacht voorbij…)

    leuk om te ontdekken dat er ook “naaste” buren bij Michelle Ward op bezoek gaan.

    groetjes uit België

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