Texture and transfer



For TMTA this weeks project is Texture. I LOVE texture in my art work. This ATC is done with semi gloss gel medium from Golden. I just smudged it around, and this is what came out. Painted with a little golden fluid acrylics (quinacridone gold & Paynes grey). The lady is a transfer (made with the same gel medium). Beads and stamps finish the ATC, a long with a little gold pen.

Dymphie made a post on transfering, because she saw Claudine Helmut’s tutorial on transfers. Okay, had to try it AGAIN, because it never seemed to work for me (transfering).

It was EASY!! You know what?!?! You have to WAIT till it’s dry (and use photocopy/laserprinted image). SO WAIT!! As a very impatient person I peeled of too QUICK.


It can be that SIMPLE….

I transfered this bird with golden semi gloss gel medium. Used my hand carved stamps, some other stamps and some buttons. Ooh the small heart was transferred to a little piece of cotton. I never really understood the fuz about making a transfer. But besides from a semitranparent image, it is seemless on the art work. My first arch actually, and it came out nice!


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