Roses and a stencil burner


Michelles 19th crusade is about making your own tools: stencils this time. I tried it, and decided it was fun. On one of the other participant of this Crusade I saw a shop where you could order a stencil burner for European electricity standards. I ordered and in just a few days I recieved my fabric master (sort of stencil burner), where you can make stencils with too. Later found out that the manufacturer also makes stencil burners, so ordered stencil tips. They delivered quickly too. (And my desk is a mess, thought you wouldn’t mind ;-))

I wanted to make something with roses, so I googled silhouette and roses and found a picture. The mask worked out well. But the stencil, mmmm. I remembered Michelle telling about making bridges, but my head really was working hard to GET the concept. So I did it wrong twice…

Okay, so FINALLY i worked it out:

And made a start on my new journal using it alternately as a mask and stencil. And because I had masks enough, i used on the page. I used the distress inks for coloring.

And Michelle, those are not sixty five roses, BUT they go along with some new good thoughts and prayers for your sister Shannon! If you have no idea what I am talking about, read Michelle’s post and leave a message, I know she appreciates it VERY much!

For those of you who read my last post and made a try with the ‘ACRYLIC INSTEAD OF MICAMAGIC INK’ I was not completely happy with the results. There should be more white visible.

I tried several different papers, but the paint was absorbed to quickly by the paper. AHA: the resolution is to make a ground with gel medium. Let the gel medium dry, then spread some colours acrylic with a brayer (a metallic looks GREAT) and then use a stamp that you push into the paint and then move a little bit. I would like to show you the difference, but made already something of it that is in the mail. Maybe next time!!


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  1. WHOOOOOOOOO! So much going on here! First – love seeing your messy workspace, and I’m eyeballing that stand for your burner *whines: I want one!*. Second – LOVE that rose stencil. Thanks for showing us the blooper and the final one….it’s takes an experience like this to never forget the lesson. Looks so fabulous all layered. I’m so glad you found a burner for your standards. Third – thanks for your loving support of my sister. It’s been so cool to have my friends gather around for a gigantic group hug. And finally – thanks for telling us how to try your cool thing with acrylic paint.
    Thanks for sharing all of this with the team Hedwig! xoxo

  2. I actually really like how the roses turned out. The coloring is so soft and is the begining of what could be a real neat little piece of art!

    The rest of your blog entries are neat too!

    Have a great hair day! Becci

  3. Thank you for showing your “trial and error” with the stencils – your final rose silhouette stencil turned out great! I like the soft colors on your journal pages! šŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for stopping my and looking at my castings. I really love your blog, your art is wonderful. I just may have to start making stencils, after all. Thanks for showing yours. It’s nice to know other people (also) may have to repeat a process to get to the way they envisioned the piece.

  5. Hedwig – hope you had a great trip!! I got your package with that special you-know-what that I needed. Thank you!! Love the arch card too with your fab technique on it. I’m such a lucky girl! xo

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