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Van Rini kreeg ik de KREATIV blog award/ From Rini I recieved the KREATIV blog award:

WAUW!! Wat een eer! Natuurlijk neem ik hem (haar?) graag in ontvangst ./ WOW, I am sooo honoured. Of course I recieve it with gratitude.

Maar er zijn zoveel GEWELDIGE BLOGS (kijk maar eens in mijn blog roll en er zijn er nog VEEEEEL MEER) ik kan er geen drie uitkiezen die er voor mij uitspringen. / There are soooo MANY GREAT blogs, that it does not feel good to choose three. SO ENJOY EVERYBODY!!!


Shrine project


With one of the Yahoo groups (mixed media diva’s) I am participating, there is a project on making a shrine. Every month we recieve a task. This was the first month and the task was to find a base for the shrine and gesso it. It took me a lot of thinking because I had several options to use as base.

It turned out this one:

And this is how it turned out in gesso:

Being a little late, the next step comes quick. On june 1st we recieve a new task!!! I am ready for it, actually I am already in step five (in my head…) *LOL*

Casting paper


Michelle Ward posted the new crusade, and it is so inspiring AGAIN!! (HOW does she do that?!)

It is about casting paper. Ok, I never heard of that… LOL. But it is nice and easy. WIth toilet or tissue paper and some (bold) stamps you can JOIN. Do! I promiss you will have a lot of FUN! A blender makes even more fun.

To me, casting paper with the blender worked better. How do all the other folks keep the paper together without glue?? Anyway, this is how it turned out:

Although stamps work well, IF you can find some molds… Works great! These are flower molds.

Okay, I just addes tissue paper and water, so now you know I am not a great stamp cleaner LOL!

LOVE how it came out! (Off course I forgot to use a releaser, but luckily it did not stick to the mold)>

Used it in my America Holiday Journal immediately to add more depth to a page.

My daughters Denise (Princess) and her sister Muriel (Grace) in Disney World. The coloring of the casting paper is done with glimmer mist and distress inks. If you want to see more of our trip to Disney World, click here.

Trip to Disney World


Begin of May we spend nine days in Florida, US to visit Disney World with my family. We had a GREAT time (despite our one day delay because of passport troubles). I took A LOT of crafting stuff with me, even on the plane…

Luckily we had an extra bedroom and I took the cupboard for my stuff ;-)) (bought a lot of stuff to, the dollar is very attractive to European people at the moment)

So we visited Disney World (OKAY NOT ALL: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom (my favorite) and Epcot).

On the picture in the middle of this collage of journaling pages you see my daughters Muriel and Denise with Minnie Mouse. It was a great trip, WE’LL BE BACK!!!