Finally finished…


Finally I finished my 2007-overall-scrapbook-year (I scrapped the summer holidays, but wanted also other moments and events captured). Actually I told myself I could not start scrapping our Disney trip until this 2007 thing was done. I mean: when EVER would I finish it then???

When I started (jan. 2008, SIGH) , I thought I would make a zutter book of it. So I used 8 by 8 inch black paper. But working on it, I forgot about the wholes to be made for a zutter book… I worked too close on the edges. If I would make a zutter book of it, the wholes would ruin a lot of my photo’s.

I made a cover from package material leftovers and scrap paper. It came out really nice (left picture)! But when I found a photo of my kids and a little friend, taken on the moment they litterally jumped into 2007, I had to put it on the cover. Thanks to Ali Edwards words: IT’S OKAY (from her last book Life artist, follow this link ) I glued the photo on the cover. Because HEE isn’t that a great moment to HAVE?!

Instead of binding the papers in any way, I choose to put the scrap pages in some sort of envelope idea.

And I also finished the last pages, so I can start with my 500+ pictures from Disney. No, no deadlines, FIRST START!!! By the way, I love to play with digital scrapping for papers, words and photo’s. But for me, the tactile feeling of a page with an actual photo on it, ribbons, bling and other stuff wins.


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  1. Heel stijlvol, Hedwig! Ook de kaft en je enveloppensysteem! Ik scrap nog altijd liefst op 12 inch, en heb er in 2007 zodanig veel gemaakt dat mijn album bijna ontploft ondanks extra tussenvijzen en hoezen en kartonnetjes. Ik had er toen ook aan gedacht om het in te binden, maar heb er vanaf gezien omdat ik daar dus ook geen rekening mee heb gehouden en dan ook gaten zal hebben waar ik dat niet wil. Ik denk dat ik met tussenstukjes zal werken (zo lang als de pagina hoog is, maar veel smaller en er dan de pagina tussen bevestigen). Maar knap van jou dat jij er klaar mee bent! Kun je je nu helemaal laten gaan met je Disneyherinneringen!

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