Irrisistable Crusade 21


Michelle’s newest crusade is on for almost three weeks. Seems as if I did not play. Not really true, but no time to update on my blog…. The crusade is about resists…. Hee, I like resistance (ooh you mean in arts and crafting… that TOO).

Let me show you what I made:

(1) is resist with gesso stamping and the green is made with embossing powder as a resist with distress ink

(2) is resist fluid on a stamp, let dry and inked with adirondack ink

(3) the D’s are made from rubbing wax over a plain paper and a brass embellishment underneath it

(4A and 4B) Using the resist fluid again and finishing it with heat transfered butterfly

(5) wax resist finished with adirondack ink

Okay, what do I like best?? The wax resist. Because it gives a more grungy look than all those other resists, and okay, the gesso is great too!

Because I LOVE to see what others make, I will show you some.

{edited: This journalpage is a tribute about my 15 year relation with my husband: Time flies. We give each other so much, including being yourself and doing what you like! (in hobbies, not the other thing!) I journal, he enjoys playing the guitar. LOVE YOU RICHARD!}

This is the heat transfering tool. Great and fast way to transfer laser printed images.


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  1. Hedwig – so fun to see all the variations of making a resist. Thanks for sharing with the team, and for spelling it all out for us. Each is wonderful in it’s own way, but I’m with you – love the grungiest effects best. Terrific pages too!

  2. wow. what an interesting gathering. when you say resist fluid, what do you mean? these are great. i loved seeing the finished product. congrats to you and your hubby.

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