Monthly Archives: August 2008

Gratefull & Paying it forward


Michelle Ward’s crusade of this month is about gratitude.

It is about being gratefull & paying it forward. Ok, let’s start with gratefull. I am gratefull for my family: my two beautifull daughters and my husband.This collage I made of the wonderfull holiday we spent in Florida to visit Disney World. Do I need to say we had a MARVELOUS time??

I am gratefull to have friends and neighbours. To share laughs and tears, to give and to recieve help. Some of those friends I met via blogs and yahoogroups, and we share a passion for mixed media, arts, crafting. Age nor background counts, it is that passion that binds us. (Richard, my husband, sometimes asks me: what does she do for a living, how old is she? I sometimes just don’t know and it is not because I am not interested, but it is of no relevancy). I am really gratefull for all those friends and neighbours. They make my life, our life fuller, more complete. THANX!!!

I am gratefull too for being born in a pretty rich country, having enough money to live a good live for me and my family. And being healthy, all of us, is something I thank God  often for. To live in a lovely house in a green and quiet neighbourhood, to have plenty of food and to be able to take the kids to foreign countries (and no, America we don’t do every year, we had a lot of award miles because Richard travels much for work). Did I already mention we had two adorable cats that we love so much?? They are called Ziggy (the white one) and Zara (the striped one).

Aren’t they cute?

I am aware I have so much to be gratefull for. I try to forward it to others. I absolutely do not think I can save the earth or humanity. Small acts of kindness are my thing. Sending cards to a sick friend, or to somebody that is in pain. Cooking a meal for friends when mum and the newborn are in hospital and dad and the three other kids are at home. Talking to my elderly neighbour about the life she lived (do that more often: it gives you such insight how the world has changed). I share art material with friends. I call somebody from church if I have some furniture overstock or something else that can be usefull for the refugees that attend our church. Cleaning my other friend’s home when her newborn had to stay in the hospital with a dangerous infection.

I hope you know I am not telling this to be arrogant. I hope you see how easy and small it can be. Everybody can make a difference.