A week in my life


Ali Edwards has done some great work on everyday life scrapbooking last week, and she is continuing it this week. As a avid journaler, I could not resist and said YES to this challenge.

I made a lot of pics, but to be honest: I forgot to take a lot too. Like: I am not in and neither is my husband. I am going to take an extra week to sort that out! BUT….. I made a start in scrapping with whatever I have. Because that is what it is all about too.

So here is my first LO, made with Ali’s designed 8,5 by 11 pages ‘The Story of Today 8.5×11 Overlays’ (very qualified for this task), available at designerdigitals.com . I don’t do complete digital layout often (more of a hybrid scrapper), but for this occasion it worked out fine. {Edited: the cardstock and the flower are from the Amelie kit. And the words are from Digital Poetry, all available at designerdigitals.com }

And because I always want to know these things: I took my pics with a panasonic lumix dmc fz8. I take them on the ISO setting (these with ISO max 800, but after reading Ali’s blog I changed that to max 1250). I did the scrapping in Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac. MUCH better and more stabile than the older version (4.0, for Mac they skipped the 5.0 version). It is worth every penny (costs about 80 euro’s, which is pretty amazing if you see the features). And no, I have no shares in Adobe, I am lucky to have NO shares at all at this nasty financial times.


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