It has been a while: back on track with…. gesso!


Hi all of you. It has been too long since I made a post. Busy life and work kept me from blogging, nothing big or negative. Happily it did not keep me not from CREATING!!!!

Michelle Wards latest crusade is about gesso.


HEEEE girl, I am a truly gessso girl, so that was eayspeasy. BUT ALSO A LOT OF FUN, to dig through my digital photo stash and see what i have made in all these years. If I see progression? Don’t know, hard to say, but what i do see, is a lot of fun, sometimes repeating (minor) problems (i have difficulty in sleeping, and i see that return in my journals every now and then). And what I see is that i like to use every new technique, material or whatever new i can lay my hands on. At the moment I am into fabric and (something completly different ;-)) in metal.

OK CHECK THESE OUT: the girls from ten second studios. They make hilarious videos on tuesday (taco tuesday) and they have cool tools for working on metal, now to be bougth in their own internet shop. Maybe later some pics….. NOW FOR THE GESSO!

This is an oldie, but shows well what gesso can do.


You see my hand (with gesso on it) and i painted on dark brown craft paper. On the parts that i gessoed, you see the paint is lighter/brighter. So it gives interesting contrast to the eye, without being too big of a contrast, it adds a little mystery (to me it does)…

Maybe on the next pic you can see it even better.


Maybe now you think gesso will just work on paper. But it works on fabric too:


Here I dyed a piece of thin cotton with Radiant rain daubers, and before i just stamped these little flowers on the fabric with gesso. Oke, i would maybe not do this for fabric that goes in cloth, but this is for journaling projects, so i don’t mind loosing a little bit of softness (it does not get really sturdy, only if you would take a LOT of gesso).

Gesso can make textures too, as you can see here in this pic. I let the gesso just flow out of the bottle directly onto the paper. (Funny also to see that i had a love for metal already 2 years ago…)


Ok, what i also saw when digging through my stash is that i use more colours. Not only the autumnal colours like ochre, brown, paynes grey and golden green. But reds, and oranges and…. oke pinks…. It is strange because for years i have been into those autumnal colours. STILL LOVE THEM, but others are great too.

Wanna see?? (Notice the red card has gesso resist too?)


And for my new love fabric, i just wanted to show you this… Lots of new techniques in it (well, for me, maybe you do them hundreds of years…. probably)


Oke, new for me was working with oil paintsticks (which i will not continue, sorry: tooooo smelly, still high of it), transferring onto lutradur, painting with lumiere paint on fabric (WOW) making an imprint of an embossing folder (the bird, cuttlebug emb. folder), i made home dyed fabric (the flower) and i used my sewing machine (that must have been 8 years ago or something). For those who want to know (like myself) this journal page is about 9 by 7 inches. See ya!


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  1. hedwig – always happy to see you blogging. thanks for showing the team all the magic you can make with gesso. that second photo is yummy! love seeing your hand. LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabric piece. glad to know you are finding time for creativity even though life is busy. and yes, that holidays….i’m bracing myself. we will be hosting my family – glad to be together. thanks for your warm thoughts. xo

  2. Your experiments with gesso are wonderful…the layer it allows makes the surface so rich and deep…

    I will play with this one too…all of Michelle’s challenges open a reservoir new directions.

    Happy New year to you!

  3. Wow – great tutorial on gesso. Love your style and very cool blog !

    Thanks for commenting on my crusade 26 with Michelle Ward. It’s only the second one I’ve done but I’m loving it so far – get’s me thinking more creatively – as I’m quite a traditional painter.

    Take care,


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