Sneak peak of a surprise for Yitte


Yittes daughter went to the States and brought me a tube of texture magic. At home in Holland, we found out we had to pay more shipping costs then the tube was worth because it was parcel post. Yitte (or Yvonne, her actual name) said that she wanted to pay shipping costs and that i would reward her with something i made myself. OK, nice gesture!!!!

Like i told you a few posts before, i am into fabric at this moment. And Yitte is always very creative with fabric (as you can see in her blog here). So it was going to be something with fabric…. More i will not say, because it is going to be sent to Yitte on monday, and i still want it to be a surprise. Edited: because Yitte and i alway tend to the same colors (blue and brown, which are beautifull, but always is just TOO much) i decided that brown and blue were forbidden colors. A colorfull book, it is called All the colors…

So here a sneak peak!!!!



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