Valentine’s day


Valentine’s day… a card for my love, he just doesn’t know yet  that he is going to get this one *GRIN*


And something can be put on my TADA list, because this is for Michelle Ward’s 28th crusade Portion Control.


And the month is NOT even half way… I intend to do some shaping up and controlling later this month!


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  1. Hi Hedwig! AWESOME Valentine’s Day card! And I love YOUR portion control, too! Thank you SO much for your very kind comments on my Valentine’s Day card… and I totally understand what you wrote… that’s what I like best about these, too… the shapes and the colors are the same, but each heart is unique. Just like yours! All my best, Kathy

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  3. Fabulous! I love how you work the layers. Having the hearts run off the page really makes it an interesting composition. There is enough of the shape to know that it is a heart and yet it is interesting and holds the viewers attention because we don’t show it all! I think this sense of beauty is found in how we present ourselves too – those who show all of themselves in how they dress are not as intriguing as those who leave some for the imagination. Love the mystery. Okay enough from the philosopher queen! LOL

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