More portion control


In her latest crusade, Michelle Ward tells us about portion control. I think portion control, together with repetition, and a color regime, makes our eyes wander through a piece of art. If everything is clear right away, there is no reason to ‘wander’ in the piece. Your eye gets attracted, is curious what is to come… I think most of us work with portion control, even subconscious.

These days i am into fabric, and less into painting. But in fabric there are lots of possibilities to make portion control. With lace for example, or with see through fabric.



I stamped with bubble plastic, after years of searching, the big ones arrived with something i bought on the internet. If all the circles would have been crisply stamped, it would have given a nice, but uninteresting picture, is my guess. Now it looks grungy, interesting and i haven’t done a thing yet with it. Take a look.


To me it already looks so great, that i am still thinking how i am going to use it in my journal! If you are interested in more portion controll i suggest you go to Michelle Street Team blog and look what she and the other crusader’s did with this. They did some marvelous things, so of you go!!


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  1. hedwig – thank you for sharing your beautiful fabric collages. i agree with you, we often exercise portion control without knowing it – my hope was to get us to be aware of it as part of the process. you illustrate that perfectly with your layered clippings AND your bubble wrap stamping – way more interesting than rows of solid circles. xo

  2. Hi Hedwig! Amazing… the piece done in gold tones is really lovely. And I agree with you and Michelle… most artists do practice some form of portion control, consciously or not. It’s a great exercise, nice work!

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