New studio


Hi outhere, it has been long since i have been blogging. Making art continued and i have been art journaling almost everyday. (if you wish doing that, but have no succes yet, i recommend julie fei fan balzer’s art journaling class; you can find it here scroll down a little bit).

Last months we have been busy remodeling our house: we have a new kitchen and we have rebuilt our attic. Which means i now have a real studio, in stead of a hobby corner.

Here are some pictures of my old hobbycorner which means a table and very little space to store (click on the picture to see a bigger version).

And… tata…. These are pictures of my new studio. Much more space to store materials, much more room to create!

Ikea has done good bussiness on me. I have their Besta shelf units and Expedit bookcase (eeh….. and many other stuff). And though it is still a small studio, just because it is small everything is on my fingertips. I love, love it!

PS: Pffew, this was my first blog in many, many month, even had to reset my pass word and had some trouble finding the most simple things, but after a while it came back to me… Hope to post more often in the near future!


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