Creative jumpstart, o YES!


I am a huge fan of online workshops and workshops on dvd. You do not have to leave the house (which is convenient if you are a person that is a homester (if this is a wrong google translation: i mean i like to stay comfortable at my home). You can watch again for a very interesting part, or double the speed for less interesting parts.

So i took a plunge and went for the creative jumpstart at Nat Kalbach’s blog  (go to Not that i am  a regular on have artist’s block’s. But i like to see how others works and think.

I love the creative jumpstart series, and some posts immediatly made me try out the technique. Dina Wakley (see her blog mentioned the painting with paper technique. As a lover of paper, i had to try it out and i will do it more often. It’s relaxing and gives maximum output with minimum effort (well: at least to me).


Next journalpage is about Andre Kuipers, a Dutch astronaut who is in space for a couple of months. This picture appealed to me because it seems outdated (his helmet!) and yet intriguing that he really is in space right now.


Are you ever in a creative rut? I always try to keep going. Maybe not always on the same level of creativity (making color swatches, making samples of mediums) but going, flowing. Even if feeling not creative, you can try out. That is what i had in mind making this artjournal yesterday evening.


[text says: If you do not feel creative (fool yourself &) Try out new supplies, old supplies, how they work out together etc
Knowing your materials wil make you a better artist ANYWAY].

How about you?






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  1. I found you via Organization Week with Julie FF-B. Browsed your blog and really like your journaling. Your new studio is an inspiration in itself. I couldn’t see a place to subscribe to your blog. I would read often if I could notified when you post…

  2. Ik ontdekte je blog nog maar net (via Julie, ja…) en wat leuk, weer een nederlandse art journaler op mijn lijstje om te bezoeken! (of ken ik je misschien al via een forum of zo, maar gewoon nog nooit hier geweest? Kan ook zijn, want door drukte en veel contacten lopen namen wel eens door elkaar…) Anyway, ik vind je pagina’s erg mooi!

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