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Art journal everyday


Howdy! I art journal. Mostly everyday. For years and years now. And although i am a big fan of Julie fei fan Balzer i never participated in her art journal everyday posts on friday. Mostly because i am a slacker on the net. HA.

But art journaling keeps me sane. I go through the emotions of the day and make something of it. And i think that is an invaluable lesson. No matter what crap comes on your path, deal with it and better: try to take advantage of it. Although i doubt that it would be cheaper to go to a therapist, if you see my stash ;-)))).

I would love to hear what you think!


Taking it to the second floor, 2nd

Second Floor
Julie fei fan Balzer and Nathalie Kalbach always have fun ideas… I also did the first round of taking it to the 2nd floor, but I was a slow boat on taking pictures and publishing it. But hee. What counts is I did it.


And for the second one:


The goal was to use something new. Mmm, i do that all the time. Nothing brings me more joy then experimenting with new art stuf. (okay, i have stuff enough to create way beyond my 112th birthday, *GRIN*).



So i started with the new art bars. (if you want to know the difference betweeen art bars and neo colors II i recommend watching journal artista on ustream!). I used my fav colors.



I like it, A LOT and the art bars too, but i have to take it to the 2nd floor…. OK! PLING!


Try to come out of your comfort zone and …… use not so fav colors. I did. And i tried stenciling with watercolors (learned that from Julie in 21 secrets, i can totally recommend).



Building the journal page up. And noticing how easy these art bars blend, almost melt, when using water.


I water colored with stencil and also the stamp was used with water color. I am happy i decided to taking it to te second floor.


Did you happen to play with new tools and stuff? Or maybe you also played with the art bars from derwent. I would love to hear what you think & make!