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New studio


Hi outhere, it has been long since i have been blogging. Making art continued and i have been art journaling almost everyday. (if you wish doing that, but have no succes yet, i recommend julie fei fan balzer’s art journaling class; you can find it here ¬† scroll down a little bit).

Last months we have been busy remodeling our house: we have a new kitchen and we have rebuilt our attic. Which means i now have a real studio, in stead of a hobby corner.

Here are some pictures of my old hobbycorner which means a table and very little space to store (click on the picture to see a bigger version).

And… tata…. These are pictures of my new studio. Much more space to store materials, much more room to create!

Ikea has done good bussiness on me. I have their Besta shelf units and Expedit bookcase (eeh….. and many other stuff). And though it is still a small studio, just because it is small everything is on my fingertips. I love, love it!

PS: Pffew, this was my first blog in many, many month, even had to reset my pass word and had some trouble finding the most simple things, but after a while it came back to me… Hope to post more often in the near future!




Janny, an art friend of mine {you can see her beautifull work here } tagged me. And most of the times, i do not cooperate on all kinds of awards. I recieve them with gratitude, but there is something in side me that resists. But this time, i thought it was funny. I was to put the 6th photo from my 6th map of digital photos here. No kidding, this was the picture…


If you read my last post you can see why it fits so well. This is Richard and me on our wedding day, almost 11 years ago. At the pond near our home. Romantic isn’t it? (if you think i look a little bit tired: YES i am tired. Six weeks before the wedding i gave birth to our oldest daughter, and she had lot of stomach cramps and cried a lot, so i was tired. Now she is almost 11….)

okay, here is the beautifull baby girl that escorted us to the ceremony.Don’t you think she looks so adorable in that dress?


Okay, now all you readers, feel TAGGED and go search for the sixth photo in the sixth map. WHAT IS YOURS?????



Van Rini kreeg ik de KREATIV blog award/ From Rini I recieved the KREATIV blog award:

WAUW!! Wat een eer! Natuurlijk neem ik hem (haar?) graag in ontvangst ./ WOW, I am sooo honoured. Of course I recieve it with gratitude.

Maar er zijn zoveel GEWELDIGE BLOGS (kijk maar eens in mijn blog roll en er zijn er nog VEEEEEL MEER) ik kan er geen drie uitkiezen die er voor mij uitspringen. / There are soooo MANY GREAT blogs, that it does not feel good to choose three. SO ENJOY EVERYBODY!!!