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Taking it to the second floor, 2nd

Second Floor
Julie fei fan Balzer and Nathalie Kalbach always have fun ideas… I also did the first round of taking it to the 2nd floor, but I was a slow boat on taking pictures and publishing it. But hee. What counts is I did it.


And for the second one:


The goal was to use something new. Mmm, i do that all the time. Nothing brings me more joy then experimenting with new art stuf. (okay, i have stuff enough to create way beyond my 112th birthday, *GRIN*).



So i started with the new art bars. (if you want to know the difference betweeen art bars and neo colors II i recommend watching journal artista on ustream!). I used my fav colors.



I like it, A LOT and the art bars too, but i have to take it to the 2nd floor…. OK! PLING!


Try to come out of your comfort zone and …… use not so fav colors. I did. And i tried stenciling with watercolors (learned that from Julie in 21 secrets, i can totally recommend).



Building the journal page up. And noticing how easy these art bars blend, almost melt, when using water.


I water colored with stencil and also the stamp was used with water color. I am happy i decided to taking it to te second floor.


Did you happen to play with new tools and stuff? Or maybe you also played with the art bars from derwent. I would love to hear what you think & make!



If you’ve been to this blog before, you will know i am an admirer of Michelle Ward (and a not-so-faithfull-crusader… i love her crusades, but time keeps running out so i do not participate¬† frequently). When i was asked to contribute to a book for Michelle because her sister Shannon died a year ago of cystic fybrosis, of course i participated. Like i participated in the Pink Wink, which you can find here.
Begin of july the book arrived at Michelle, this is my entry:


What i could not share fully share on the page, other than a piece of the lyric, is the beautiful song of Anouk. She is a Dutch singer and performer. I like to sing her songs, while Richard my husband plays the guitar (don’t misunderstand: she does a better job!). This song is one of my favorites. When i made the page, i knew i wanted to share the song in a post, so here it comes:

(Michelle: hope you like the song! i know you have a passion for music and LOST and roses are meant to be red seemed so *Winky* that i could not resist working the lyric in the page. Now you know the complete song. By the way, did you see the tattoos on her arm?).

If you want to read the post Michelle wrote after recieving the book, you will find it here. The pics of all the participants are to be found here. Special thanks for this project go to Julie Prichard, Lisa Hoffman and JeriAn Geller. LADIES thanks for taking such great initiative AND collect, gather and work hard to make it the beautifull book it is now!

Mixed media group: party!!!


I am a proud member of the Mixed media diva’s, a dutch yahoo group on…. yes, mixed media. This month the group exists 5 years and we honoured our founding diva with a mixed media banner. Aproximately 20 members made a banner to make a festoon. Here is the one i created:


The front of the banner. It is made from fabric i dyed and embossed myself.


And the back… Spray painted paper, ooh i love the glimmer mist. This is green gold. Glimmer mist is one of those products that i really finish and buy new ones of. (Or don’t you have tons of products that you use once a year??? I admit: I do have those!)

Elly: congrats on this great, creative and warm group. If you want to see more of the banners made for Elly, you can find it in the post of Dymphie .

It has been a while: back on track with…. gesso!


Hi all of you. It has been too long since I made a post. Busy life and work kept me from blogging, nothing big or negative. Happily it did not keep me not from CREATING!!!!

Michelle Wards latest crusade is about gesso.


HEEEE girl, I am a truly gessso girl, so that was eayspeasy. BUT ALSO A LOT OF FUN, to dig through my digital photo stash and see what i have made in all these years. If I see progression? Don’t know, hard to say, but what i do see, is a lot of fun, sometimes repeating (minor) problems (i have difficulty in sleeping, and i see that return in my journals every now and then). And what I see is that i like to use every new technique, material or whatever new i can lay my hands on. At the moment I am into fabric and (something completly different ;-)) in metal.

OK CHECK THESE OUT: the girls from ten second studios. They make hilarious videos on tuesday (taco tuesday) and they have cool tools for working on metal, now to be bougth in their own internet shop. Maybe later some pics….. NOW FOR THE GESSO!

This is an oldie, but shows well what gesso can do.


You see my hand (with gesso on it) and i painted on dark brown craft paper. On the parts that i gessoed, you see the paint is lighter/brighter. So it gives interesting contrast to the eye, without being too big of a contrast, it adds a little mystery (to me it does)…

Maybe on the next pic you can see it even better.


Maybe now you think gesso will just work on paper. But it works on fabric too:


Here I dyed a piece of thin cotton with Radiant rain daubers, and before i just stamped these little flowers on the fabric with gesso. Oke, i would maybe not do this for fabric that goes in cloth, but this is for journaling projects, so i don’t mind loosing a little bit of softness (it does not get really sturdy, only if you would take a LOT of gesso).

Gesso can make textures too, as you can see here in this pic. I let the gesso just flow out of the bottle directly onto the paper. (Funny also to see that i had a love for metal already 2 years ago…)


Ok, what i also saw when digging through my stash is that i use more colours. Not only the autumnal colours like ochre, brown, paynes grey and golden green. But reds, and oranges and…. oke pinks…. It is strange because for years i have been into those autumnal colours. STILL LOVE THEM, but others are great too.

Wanna see?? (Notice the red card has gesso resist too?)


And for my new love fabric, i just wanted to show you this… Lots of new techniques in it (well, for me, maybe you do them hundreds of years…. probably)


Oke, new for me was working with oil paintsticks (which i will not continue, sorry: tooooo smelly, still high of it), transferring onto lutradur, painting with lumiere paint on fabric (WOW) making an imprint of an embossing folder (the bird, cuttlebug emb. folder), i made home dyed fabric (the flower) and i used my sewing machine (that must have been 8 years ago or something). For those who want to know (like myself) this journal page is about 9 by 7 inches. See ya!

Gratefull & Paying it forward


Michelle Ward’s crusade of this month is about gratitude.

It is about being gratefull & paying it forward. Ok, let’s start with gratefull. I am gratefull for my family: my two beautifull daughters and my husband.This collage I made of the wonderfull holiday we spent in Florida to visit Disney World. Do I need to say we had a MARVELOUS time??

I am gratefull to have friends and neighbours. To share laughs and tears, to give and to recieve help. Some of those friends I met via blogs and yahoogroups, and we share a passion for mixed media, arts, crafting. Age nor background counts, it is that passion that binds us. (Richard, my husband, sometimes asks me: what does she do for a living, how old is she? I sometimes just don’t know and it is not because I am not interested, but it is of no relevancy). I am really gratefull for all those friends and neighbours. They make my life, our life fuller, more complete. THANX!!!

I am gratefull too for being born in a pretty rich country, having enough money to live a good live for me and my family. And being healthy, all of us, is something I thank God¬† often for. To live in a lovely house in a green and quiet neighbourhood, to have plenty of food and to be able to take the kids to foreign countries (and no, America we don’t do every year, we had a lot of award miles because Richard travels much for work). Did I already mention we had two adorable cats that we love so much?? They are called Ziggy (the white one) and Zara (the striped one).

Aren’t they cute?

I am aware I have so much to be gratefull for. I try to forward it to others. I absolutely do not think I can save the earth or humanity. Small acts of kindness are my thing. Sending cards to a sick friend, or to somebody that is in pain. Cooking a meal for friends when mum and the newborn are in hospital and dad and the three other kids are at home. Talking to my elderly neighbour about the life she lived (do that more often: it gives you such insight how the world has changed). I share art material with friends. I call somebody from church if I have some furniture overstock or something else that can be usefull for the refugees that attend our church. Cleaning my other friend’s home when her newborn had to stay in the hospital with a dangerous infection.

I hope you know I am not telling this to be arrogant. I hope you see how easy and small it can be. Everybody can make a difference.


More resist


Okay, here is number 2 on resists for the 21st Crusade of Michelle Ward (Michelle: hope you have a good time with your sister AND sending positive vibes to make her feel BETTER). I work a lot with resists: as an artist (did not want to write that at first, it feels high brow, arrogant, not me, but crafter sounds…. dull, sorry) AND as a professional trainer in communication skills (“If people tell me exactly what to do, I freak out. But when I tell my collegue what to do, he just has to listen” …. MMm. How does that make sense to you? “It just does”.) That is my work, love it!

OKAY, now back to resists in my art work. Because I love it so much, I have lots of different techniques (showed you some in RESIST PART 1). But first some more of the good old rubbing technique. I rubbed with a blue crayon on stamps and i used a stencil too. I sort of multi layered it, and then used distress inks for more color. Which are IRL much better (scan or photo, this one would not come out proper…)

What more? It’s still resist, different techniques (OKAY: same colors of distress inks). I took a stencil and I put on texture magic (bought it at Michael’s when i visited the States, why did I only buy one tube?? it was less then 4 dollar…). Smear it with something that looks like a credit card onto your paper, while holding the stencil on it’s place. Let dry. The texture magic (very lightweigth acrylic paint) is a resist for inks and paints.

A close up from the texture magic tag. (the feel is great,  a little velvety. I also like the feel of a crayon resist: the wax adds smoothness to the paper).

And I could not resist telling you this one: if you have paper or an image of a stamp and you want to put paint over it, but still be able to see it through afterwards, then use gel medium as a resist (gloss works best). You can use your acrylic paint in a more watery substance or you can work quickly and use a baby wipe to get the overload of paint of. If you waited too long, stamp cleaner (for solvent inks) helps you to remove the acrylic paint. In this one I used a scrap op paper with text that i wanted to layer with paint, but not in a way that it would disapear.

The last technique is more a reversed resist. You use foam figures (go to the kids craft department) and glue it on a piece of paper.

After you glued the foam figures on your paper, you paint the figures (and the paper, what you like) with acrylic paint. When it is dry, you can stamp on top of the foam figures with solvent ink like stazon. Do not press to hard: the foam figures work as a resist for the paper. Gives a little bit a mysterious and grungy look. I like it that way. (Credits for this techniques are with Bernie Berlin in her Artist Trading Card Workshop.)

Well, that’s it for now!!! I was glad we had some extra time so I could share this with you!

Irrisistable Crusade 21


Michelle’s newest crusade is on for almost three weeks. Seems as if I did not play. Not really true, but no time to update on my blog…. The crusade is about resists…. Hee, I like resistance (ooh you mean in arts and crafting… that TOO).

Let me show you what I made:

(1) is resist with gesso stamping and the green is made with embossing powder as a resist with distress ink

(2) is resist fluid on a stamp, let dry and inked with adirondack ink

(3) the D’s are made from rubbing wax over a plain paper and a brass embellishment underneath it

(4A and 4B) Using the resist fluid again and finishing it with heat transfered butterfly

(5) wax resist finished with adirondack ink

Okay, what do I like best?? The wax resist. Because it gives a more grungy look than all those other resists, and okay, the gesso is great too!

Because I LOVE to see what others make, I will show you some.

{edited: This journalpage is a tribute about my 15 year relation with my husband: Time flies. We give each other so much, including being yourself and doing what you like! (in hobbies, not the other thing!) I journal, he enjoys playing the guitar. LOVE YOU RICHARD!}

This is the heat transfering tool. Great and fast way to transfer laser printed images.