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What is on my desk


I am currently following several online classes. For me, an online class is great. I do not have to leave the house and can do the classes any time i want. But your English has to be pretty good (i am dutch), so it is not an option for everybody. But for those who understand English well enough, here my favs from this moment. Plus some photo’s where you can see what i made in the particular class (click on the picture if you want to see it bigger).

I am taking Julie fei fan Balzer’s class on carving stamps. And although i already had been carving stamps, i learned a lot of tricks. Check it out here.

Another online class is the lettering class from Joanne Sharpe. It is fun and more then learning calligraphy it is all about using your own handwriting in your art journal. I have been lettering a LOT! You can find her online class here.

And (ok i admit, at the moment i am taking a lot of classes) i do Alisa Burke’s sketching class, part 2. Previously i took the first class. Liked it a lot. She cuts up the sketching process in understandable pieces.  After all these years of crafting i am  water coloring and liking the results (and understand how i achieve certain results). Another plus: she works with cheap materials and for a material snob as me that is an eye opener. You can find this class here.

Lately with the creative jumpstart on Nat Kalbach’s blog  i saw the creative jumpstart of Karen whose blogname is Karenika (her blog is here). She blogs several times per week and i love her daily sketches and her openess and thoughts on making art and life. Go and check her out.

And now i am more then curious to know: what is on your desk??? Whom do you admire in the blog world and can you tell why? See you!