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If you’ve been to this blog before, you will know i am an admirer of Michelle Ward (and a not-so-faithfull-crusader… i love her crusades, but time keeps running out so i do not participateĀ  frequently). When i was asked to contribute to a book for Michelle because her sister Shannon died a year ago of cystic fybrosis, of course i participated. Like i participated in the Pink Wink, which you can find here.
Begin of july the book arrived at Michelle, this is my entry:


What i could not share fully share on the page, other than a piece of the lyric, is the beautiful song of Anouk. She is a Dutch singer and performer. I like to sing her songs, while Richard my husband plays the guitar (don’t misunderstand: she does a better job!). This song is one of my favorites. When i made the page, i knew i wanted to share the song in a post, so here it comes:

(Michelle: hope you like the song! i know you have a passion for music and LOST and roses are meant to be red seemed so *Winky* that i could not resist working the lyric in the page. Now you know the complete song. By the way, did you see the tattoos on her arm?).

If you want to read the post Michelle wrote after recieving the book, you will find it here. The pics of all the participants are to be found here. Special thanks for this project go to Julie Prichard, Lisa Hoffman and JeriAn Geller. LADIES thanks for taking such great initiative AND collect, gather and work hard to make it the beautifull book it is now!


Sneak peak of a surprise for Yitte


Yittes daughter went to the States and brought me a tube of texture magic. At home in Holland, we found out we had to pay more shipping costs then the tube was worth because it was parcel post. Yitte (or Yvonne, her actual name) said that she wanted to pay shipping costs and that i would reward her with something i made myself. OK, nice gesture!!!!

Like i told you a few posts before, i am into fabric at this moment. And Yitte is always very creative with fabric (as you can see in her blog here). So it was going to be something with fabric…. More i will not say, because it is going to be sent to Yitte on monday, and i still want it to be a surprise. Edited: because Yitte and i alway tend to the same colors (blue and brown, which are beautifull, but always is just TOO much) i decided that brown and blue were forbidden colors. A colorfull book, it is called All the colors…

So here a sneak peak!!!!


Texture and transfer



For TMTA this weeks project is Texture. I LOVE texture in my art work. This ATC is done with semi gloss gel medium from Golden. I just smudged it around, and this is what came out. Painted with a little golden fluid acrylics (quinacridone gold & Paynes grey). The lady is a transfer (made with the same gel medium). Beads and stamps finish the ATC, a long with a little gold pen.

Dymphie made a post on transfering, because she saw Claudine Helmut’s tutorial on transfers. Okay, had to try it AGAIN, because it never seemed to work for me (transfering).

It was EASY!! You know what?!?! You have to WAIT till it’s dry (and use photocopy/laserprinted image). SO WAIT!! As a very impatient person I peeled of too QUICK.


It can be that SIMPLE….

I transfered this bird with golden semi gloss gel medium. Used my hand carved stamps, some other stamps and some buttons. Ooh the small heart was transferred to a little piece of cotton. I never really understood the fuz about making a transfer. But besides from a semitranparent image, it is seemless on the art work. My first arch actually, and it came out nice!

Evidence using my box


If this crusade from Michelle Ward is meant to boost journaling: SHE SUCCEEDED! At least in my case. But first this: a name was added to Pandora’s box of mine:


My daugther’s name was already on it, now is Tim Holtz’s name! I saw him demoing here in Holland, and asked his signature!

Okay, now my pages. I am such a weird person that journals everywhere. Okay, true: i start a page, and mostly finish it at home (because however filled my box how is, it always seems to lack a little something ;-)) I do not mind people staring or being curious (the most curious person is me, so what!). Funny: people do not often ASK what you are doing. Children do, I always like to make a little conversation with them. Most of them like a certain form of arts/crafting.

Am I strange? Off course I am flattered when people like what I am doing, but if they do not it’s okay too. (Funny: i took an art class in the States, but made one painting too big for my suitcase. So i wrapped it in clear plastic and took it under my arm in the plane. Lot of people came to ask and see what it was. I was quite pleased with the results. One woman said to me: An art class? How interesting… You could see on her face that she could not believe I took a transatlantic flight to make that painting LOL).





Well, that was it for now!! I am working on a project which is related to how i started journaling, when it is finished i will show it here.



Today I gave a workshop for two friends and someone I met via my website and wanted to take a class in acrylic. Four women of different backgrounds, different age, different style. But we found each other as person and in painting. GREAT!

I was so enthousiastic that I forgot to take pictures, but I made a journalpage from it.

And for Janny, @nneke and Ingrid: you may choose the butterfly you like most and be her! (unfortunatly the scan doesnot eat the colours quite well… ;-(